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  • SUP Sackets Harbor 125 Pike Road Sackets Harbor, NY, 13685 United States (map)


Course Duration: Approximately 2 hours 

Course Cost: $55 per person. Groups of 3 of more- $45 per person

Course Location: SUP Sackets Harbor SUP Shack

Course Content:

Introduction, Expectations, & Logistics: Welcome, introductions, paperwork. Student & instructor course expectations and limitations. Course itinerary & site logistics. Review waiver, assumption of risk, challenge by choice, medical disclosure. About the ACA. PFD policy (always wear on water). Appropriate personal behavior. No alcohol / substance abuse. Proper etiquette on & off the water. Respect private property. Practice Leave No Trace ethics.

The Paddling Environment: Wind. Waves. Weather. Water

Personal Preparation: Personal ability. Swimming ability. Water comfort & confidence. Fitness, conditioning, and warm up. Safe paddle and board handling. Safety and rescue considerations. Personal equipment (reviewed by Instructor).

On Shore Presentations: Personal clothing, wetsuits and gear (shoes or no shoes – depends on environment). PFD’s (required by Coast Guard law outside of surf zone). Safety equipment (whistle). Short history of SUP. Basic Board terminology. Paddle orientation and use. Concepts to paddling. Proper care of equipment. Transportation of equipment. Correct hand placement/relaxed grip. Proper warm up - stretching technique. Board carries: solo and two-person. 

Launching and Landing. Entry/exit from the shore or dock (deep enough to protect fin, ease of getting on board). Board trim awareness (nose to tail, rail to rail). Awareness of body, board, and blade.

Board & Paddle Control: Prone position: lying down (swim position) with paddle blade under chest/belly. Sitting: on back face of paddle blade. Kneeling: paddling using double-overhand & over-under paddle grip.

Standing & Balance: Neutral Stance: toes forward, knees bent, between hip and shoulder width, trim nose-tail. Board wiggle: legs act independently from upper body, head/torso remain over center of board. Modified neutral stance one foot drops back 2-3 inches enhancing rotation while maintaining balance.

Safety & Rescue: Responsibility of the group, individual, rescuer, victim. Rescue Priorities: People, Boards, Paddles, other gear. Signals: Whistle, Paddle, Hand. Hypo/Hyperthermia. Evaluate water comfort and confidence. Proper falling techniques. Use of board leash. Unassisted remounting of board – from side of board or from back of board. Remount board first, then retrieve paddle if it was released during fall. 

Maneuvers: Paddle in a reasonable straight line. Stop in a reasonable distance. Do gradual, wide turns. Spin: pivot board to onside and off sides (sitting and standing). Adjusting strokes and board trim for wind & waves.

Strokes: Forward Sweep. Reverse Sweep. Forward (Basic forward stroke). Reverse (back stroke). Draw. Bracing (High/low, sculling / slapping).

Conclusion & Wrap Up: Group debrief / Individual feedback. Course limitations. Importance of First Aid & CPR. Importance of additional instruction, practice, experience. Importance of appropriate level of safety & rescue training. Demo advanced maneuver. Life sport / Paddling options. Local paddling groups / Clubs. Handouts / Reference materials. ACA Membership forms. Course evaluation. Participation cards.

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